When Your Future Looks Bleak

When Your Future Looks Bleak

Consult a felony defense attorney in Phoenix & Peoria, AZ

A felony conviction can haunt you forever. Don't let one charge ruin your future. Hire the Hassen Law Group, PLLC to defend your rights. Mr. Hassen is an experienced felony defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He defends against a variety of felony charges in superior court, including those involving assault, theft and arson. You'll need his help if you want to work toward clearing your name and getting your life back.

Hire a criminal law attorney in Phoenix, Arizona to fight your charge. Contact Mr. Hassen today to see how he can help you.

Learn what you could be facing for your charge

It's important for you to be informed about the possible consequences of your charge. You could be facing:

  • A heavy fine
  • A restitution payment
  • A lengthy prison sentence

Our lead criminal law attorney will go over your sentencing guidelines with you. Mr. Hassen will also explain how he'll defend your charge and address any concerns you have.

Reach out to our firm today to talk to a trusted felony defense attorney.