Find Out What to Do for Your DUI Charge

Find Out What to Do for Your DUI Charge

Speak with an experienced DUI attorney in Phoenix & Peoria, AZ

Hassen Law Group, PLLC will represent you for DUI charges of all levels. Our lead DUI attorney in Phoenix, Arizona will analyze your situation and work hard to change the outcome of your case. You'll feel more confident about your case once you've hired Mr. Hassen.

Contact our firm today to discuss your situation with an aggravated DUI attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

How can our DUI attorney help you?

Mr. Hassen will examine the evidence thoroughly to build a robust defensive strategy. He takes cases involving:

Misdemeanor charges. As your DUI attorney in Phoenix, AZ, Mr. Hassen can handle cases dealing with first and second offenses.
Felony charges. DUI cases are classified as felonies if you're charged for the third time within seven years.
Traffic violations. These include aggravated driving, driving without a license, underage driving and driving on the wrong side of a divided highway.
Ignition interlock appeals. Be sure to bring your citation and MVD documents to your consultation so Mr. Hassen can review them.

Don't take your charge lightly. Call now to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an experienced aggravated DUI attorney.