Slapped With an Excessive Speeding Ticket?

Consult a criminal speed attorney in Phoenix & Peoria, AZ

Criminal speeding in Arizona is more than just a simple traffic citation. If you're convicted of criminal or excessive speeding, your record will be tainted by a misdemeanor. This can affect your personal life, your professional life and your finances.

Work with a criminal speed attorney in Phoenix, AZ if you're facing excessive speeding charges. Hassen Law Group, PLLC will handle your case from start to finish. Mr. Gabriel Hassen will review every detail of your case before he represents you in traffic court.

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Know what to expect after a speeding ticket

Know what to expect after a speeding ticket

A criminal speeding ticket in Phoenix, AZ can be issued:

  • When a driver exceeds 85 mph anywhere in the state
  • When a driver exceeds 35 mph near a school zone
  • When a driver exceeds 20 mph in a marked residential area

If you've been charged with criminal speeding, you could be facing serious penalties, such as jail time or license suspension. By working with a criminal speeding attorney, you'll have a shot at getting these penalties reduced or your charges dismissed. Reach out to Hassen Law Group in Phoenix, AZ today.