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One criminal charge can sentence you to a life of scrutiny and judgment. Don't let that be your fate-reach out to the Hassen Law Group, PLLC if you're facing criminal charges. Mr. Hassen practices as a felony defense and misdemeanor defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He fights charges involving DUIs, traffic violations, assault and criminal damage.
While Mr. Hassen started his practice in 2016, he defends cases as if he has years of experience behind him. He treats every client as an individual, not a case number. You can count on him to defend your rights relentlessly.
Call now to learn how our lead criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona can represent your interests.

3 reasons why you should rely on Mr. Hassen for your defense

The Hassen Law Group is committed to protecting your rights. You can feel confident Mr. Hassen is the right choice for you because:

1. He offers free 30-minute consultations.
2. He'll explore your options with you in depth.
3. He'll work hard to achieve a favorable outcome.

Misdemeanor Cases

Minor criminal charges can still have a major impact on your life. Retain a misdemeanor attorney in Phoenix, AZ to protect your rights.

Misdemeanor Cases

Felony Cases

Get the best defense possible for your charge. Make Mr. Hassen your criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ.

Felony Cases

DUI Cases

While you may not think a DUI charge is serious, you can still face steep consequences. Discuss your options with Mr. Hassen today.

DUI Cases

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